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Themes: Africa, Croatia, Czech and Slovak Republics, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Romania, Spain, UK, US

: Arts, Games, Museums, Music, Nature, Romance, Sailing, Sightseeing
Sister Cities networks the top themed social networking sims in virtual reality, featuring World Class Cities recreated for your online entertainment.

Virtual Reality Environments

Unlike chat and cam, virtual reality is spatial. You can change your point of view, check things out, back off, or zoom in.

Virtual reality is world-wide, interactive, three-dimensional; operating on networked computers, with multiple real persons logged in and interacting in real time all the time. From your home location you can talk to anyone else in the world using your 3D avatar.

Second Life®

Second Life is the world's leading virtual reality environment, operated by Linden Lab since 1999. Basic accounts are free but a valid email address is required. A good graphics card and fast internet connection are essential. Premium accounts allow you to own land and build your own locations.

Sister Cities and Friends

Sister Cities and Friends (SCF) is a Resident (not Linden Lab) Managed chamber of commerce (board of trade)-type program operated to promote and support selected Second Life sims and sim owners. SCF includes profit and not-for-profit members (as do real world chambers).

Chambers of commerce serve the following general purposes: Creating a strong local economy; Promoting the community; Providing networking opportunities; Speaking with governing bodies on behalf of members; Taking political action, such as getting change requests prioritized for awareness and action.

Themed: Following an ideal or orienting principle

Social: People getting together for any purpose such as companionship, cooperation, business, pleasure, work, fun, friendship, service

Networking: To connect in a beneficial manner.


The mission of SCF is, "to network the top themed social networking sims in Second Life."

The SCF mission aligns with the Linden Lab mission, "to connect us all to an online world that advances the human condition," with the recognition that, for worthwhile efforts to be continuously operated, they must also be continuously resourced.

SCF does NOT charge members a financial fee. SCF DOES require from members a 'time and commitment fee', in the form of maintaining meeting membership requirements and sending a representative to Mayor's Meetings held quarterly.

In return for this investment of time and commitment, members receive increased awareness of, and support for, their vision and sim operations. SCF does have operating costs including the time and commitment and intellectual property of the management team. SCF does have limited awareness and support from selected Linden Lab contacts because of its alignment with the LL mission; and because of assistance by the SCF management team on initiatives that help tactically support LL goals without requiring additional LL staff time.

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