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     Name Description Teleport Link
1 Virtual Africa Five-Sim Africa themed wildlife and cultural experience
Virtual Africa/137/87/22
2 Berlin in 3D Four-Sim recreation of Berlin, Germany
New Berlin/183/173/31
3 Bohemia in SL Three-Sim recreation of Bohemia, Czech and Slovak Republic
4 Virtual Bucharest One-Sim recreation of Bucharest, Romania
Virtual Bucharest/125/186/22
5 Cascadia in SL Two-Sim music and Nature Park themed entertainment locale
6 Virtuelles Koeln Five-Sim recreation of Cologne, Germany
Virtuelles Koeln/225/128/42
7 Dublin in SL Three-Sim recreation of Dublin, Ireland

8 East River in SL One-Sim nautical town in Southern European style
9 French Quarter in SL One-Sim recreation of The French Quarter, New Orleans Tribute
French Quarter/246/26/24
10 Inverness City Scottish Highlands on Second Life
11 Laurel Arts in SL One-Sim music and Egyptian themed entertainment venue.
Laurel Arts Isle/214/225/21

12 Learning Centre in SL One-Sim education entertainment venue
Learning Pond/129/133/22
13 London in SL Five-Sim recreation of London, UK
14 Luxembourg in SL One-Sim recreation of Luxembourg
Luxembourg City/199/204/75
15 Moscow in SL Three-Sim recreation of Moscow Island/212/135/21
16 Munich in SL Two-Sim recreation of Munich, Germany
Munich City/19/133/41

Nashville Music
Row in SL

One-Sim recreation of Music Row in Nashville TN

18 New England in SL Two-Sim recreation of New England, United Sates

19 New London Village Doctor Who Zone

Newcastle Gateshead
in SL

Recreation of Newcastle Gateshead in SL Newcastle%20Gateshead/161/119/25/
21 Paris by Bourbon Recreation of Paris de TRIOMPHE/127/121/31
22 Portugal in SL Six-Sim recreation of Portugal
Portugal Center/204/26/25
23 Roma Centro in SL One-Sim recreation of Rome, Italy
Roma centro/198/146/30
24 Sailor's Cove in SL 131-Sim sailing and entertainment themed locale
Fishers Island/15/77/22
25 San Diego in SL One-Sim recreation of San Diego, California
San Diego City/206/161/34
26 SS Galaxy in SL Three-Sim recreation of Luxury Ocean Liner
Galaxy AFT/59/44/22
27 St Leo University St Leo University

28 Virtual Holland Holland SIM

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