World Class Cities (BOLD CAPS = SISTER CITY IN SL)
Rank City
Alpha ++ New York City, LONDON
Alpha + Hong Kong, PARIS, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing
Alpha Milan, Madrid, Seoul, MOSCOW, Brussels, Toronto, Mumbai, Buenos Aires, Kuala Lumpur
Alpha - Warsaw, Jakarta, São Paulo, ZURICH, Mexico City, DUBLIN, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Taipei, ROME, Istanbul, LISBON, Chicago, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Vienna, Budapest, Athens, Prague, Caracas, Auckland, Santiago
Beta + Melbourne, BARCELONA, Los Angeles, Johannesburg, Manila, Bogota, New Delhi, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Tel Aviv, BUCHAREST, San Francisco, Helsinki, BERLIN, Dubai, Oslo, Geneva, Riyadh, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Cairo
Beta Bangalore, Jeddah, Kuwait, LUXEMBOURG, MUNICH, Kiev, Dallas, Lima, Boston, Miami
Beta - Sofia, Dusseldorf, Houston, Beirut, Guangzhou, Nicosia, Karachi, Montevideo, Rio De Janeiro, Nairobi, Bratislava, Montreal, Ho Chi Minh City
Gamma + Panama City, Casablanca, Chennai, Brisbane, Quito, Stuttgart, Denver, Vancouver, ZAGREB, Guatemala City, Cape Town, San Jose, Ljubliana, Minneapolis, Santo Domingo, Seattle, Manama, Shenzhen
Gamma Guadalajara, Antwerp, ROTTERDAM, Lagos, Philadelphia, Perth, Amman, Manchester, Riga, Detroit, Guayaquil, Wellington, Portland
Gamma - Edinburgh, Porto, Tallinn, San Salvador, St. Petersburg, Port Louis, SAN DIEGO, Calgary, Almaty, Birmingham, Islamabad, Doha, Vilnius, Colombo

A world class city (also called a global city) is a city ranked to be an important node in the global economic system.

Characteristics include:
. International, first-name familiarity
. Active influence on and participation in international events and world affairs
. A fairly large population at least one million, typically several million
. A major international airport that serves as an established hub for several international airlines
. An advanced transportation system that includes several highways and/or a large mass transit network offering multiple modes of transportation
. Several international cultures and communities
. Cities which attract large foreign businesses and related expatriate communities
. International financial institutions, law firms, corporate headquarters, international conglomerates, and stock exchanges
. An advanced communications infrastructure on which modern trans-national corporations rely, such as fiber optics, Wi-Fi networks, cellular phone services, and other high-speed lines of communications
. World-renowned cultural institutions, such as museums and universities
. A lively cultural scene, including film festivals, premieres, a thriving music or theatre scene, an orchestra, an opera company, art galleries, and street performers
. Several powerful and influential media outlets with an international reach
. A strong sporting community, including major sports facilities, home teams in major league sports, and the ability and historical experience to host international sporting events

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